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Question on Residency

Guest roboboy69

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Guest roboboy69

How does MUN determine applicant residency (IP vs OOP)? I've read the blurb on their website on normally how residencies are determined, but they mention that there are exceptions.


If an applicant was born in NF. lived there briefly, and completed most of their education in another province, will MUN consider the applicant as OOP or IP? I ask this because I know some provinces deem that birth within their province as sufficient for meeting IP residency requirements.


Any comments?




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Guest stevetilley

I don't believe that MUN makes any clear statement on how they determine your province of residency.


However, on the application, you have to state where you were born, your present address, your "perminant" address, and where you lived from birth until now. Thus, I suspect that its a combination of the above that determines whether or not you're considered a Newfoundland resident.


I believe tha having a perticular province's health card and paying income tax to that province would make you a resident of that province. If you've been living and working, paying taxes, and recieving health care benefits in Ontario for the last 15 years, you'll almost definately be considered an Ontario resident!


The only circumstance that I know of where you live in one province and are considered a resident of another is when you are studying full-time in a province away from home. For instance, I went to school in Toronto and Arizona for several years; however, my parents remained in Newfoundland, my taxes were filed there, and since I was a full-time student in another province, I continued to be insured until Newfoundland's health care program.


BTW, my word is in no way official, and if you're still unsure whether you'd be considered a Newfoundland resident, I suggest you call the admissions office (you can look up their number on the web site http://www.med.mun.ca).




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