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Guest Chillibow

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Guest Chillibow

Hi Folks,


I'm interested in the possibility of applying to MUN Med in Sept 2005. The following are the usual stats....


Graduated from MUN in 1999 with a BA (English) and Certificate in Criminology. My average was a 70%.


Graduated from IT School in 2000 (my average was a 90%)


Spent the past 4 years employed as an IT professional.


I have a considerable amount of work and volunteer experience under my belt (contributing to my low GPA), including volunteer activities in a health care environment. I also have held a lot of interesting offices within the university.


Suffice it to say, I'm strong in most all categories except my relatively weak BA standing. Different life...different priorities.


Would an exceptional MCAT score, combined with solid references, be enough to tip the scales in my favour with regards to academic standing?


I know the best course of action would be to return to school and pull off some exceptional marks during a full course load term. But I honestly can't see myself leaving my job to take courses in preparation for a program I'm not guaranteed admittance to (a doctor friend of mine referred to the process as 'occult').


Any thoughts on my options? With the time I have (8 months to application, 6 months to MCAT), I am confident I can score well on the MCAT. Can a high MCAT trump a so-so Bachelor GPA?


I hate writing a purely selfish post, but I would appreciate any feedback.


Thanks. I'm finding this site most informative.



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Guest stevetilley

You need to show the admissions committee that you're academically capable of succeeding in med school. An undergrad of 70% is borderline, and I'm not sure how they'll look at you're marks in IT school. A killer MCAT score would prove your academic abilities, and might compensate for the mediocre undergrad marks.


Another idea might be to do another year of undergrad courses. If you enrolled in 5 courses/semester and got excellent marks, then it would suggest that you are quite capable of succeeding in med school. Also, if you picked the right courses (e.g. physics, bio, organic chem), this extra year of courses would also serve as a good review for the MCAT, and take care of the prereqs that are required for other med schools (in case you decide to apply to schools other than MUN).


As an aside, look in the top thread in this fourm and have a look at my undergrad marks. My first year sucked.... gpa=2.78. However, I made up for it in the subsequent years and in the MCAT. Point is, you CAN make up for lost ground.


Good Luck on the MCAT!

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Guest Chillibow

Thanks for your thoughts Steve. A career in medicine is something that I really want to pursue, but it's so challenging devising a strategy that will maximize my chances of being accepted with current financial and familial considerations in mind. It is encouraging to see others who have fought against the odds and won.


Again, thanks for the morale boost! Cheers.

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