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when to write the MCAT???

Guest reahg

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I am hoping to travel once I finish my undergrad. My question is, does it look bad for an applicant to be applying, say, 2 or 3 years after finishing their degree. However, I think I would probably want to write my MCAT as soon as possible so that all the stuff is still fresh in my mind. Does any of this really matter to them?

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Guest Ian Wong

Just remember that your MCAT scores will expire at each medical school. Visit each medical schools website here:




At UBC, for example, your MCAT scores are only valid for five years from the time you write the MCAT:




You will find preparing for the MCAT to be easiest if you do it immediately after taking those courses in university, but bear in mind that your scores will expire at each medical school when you decide how much down-time you are taking after your undergrad degree. The med schools don't care how long after your undergrad degree you take before applying. Just ensure that you have fulfilled all the med school pre-reqs before applying and you'll be fine. Many people take time off after university before applying, so your situation is not at all unique.


I'm moving this thread to the MCAT forum.



UBC, Med 3

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