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Review/Work-books used for MCAT prep...

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Please list the review/workbooks you've used or are using for MCAT preparation. Also, a bit of info on the quality of the book's content would be helpful.


Is it advisable to purchase the Kaplan comprehensive review and the Kaplan workbook? Are they similar?

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Guest aneliz

I have never used any of the Kaplan material so I can't give you any advice on it. The books I have used are:


AAMC practice items (both PS&BS and VR&WS)

AAMC practice tests (I-V)


The Gold Standard MCAT (By Dr. Brett L. Fedinand)

The Silver Bullet MCAT (By Dr. Ferdinand)


I have been told by friends that wrote the MCAT last summer (and have since gotten into Meds) that the AAMC practice items and tests are the best quality materials available. Even though they are expensive, they are the only ones that are definitely going to be representative of the MCAT. I also found the Gold Standard to be useful. The basic science review summaries were helpful as well as the 'five minute, five step approach' to the WS. The Gold standard also includes three full length practice tests and detailed solutions to all of the questions. The silver bullet was also quite useful to me. It includes detailed solutions to all of the AAMC practice items as well as the AAMC practice tests I - III. The silver bullet also contains another full length practice test with solutions.


I feel that I am well prepared for the big day having used these materials. I have been scoring well on the AAMC practice tests so far. I guess I will find out soon. (Only 10 more days to test day....)


I hope this helps you. Good luck!

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I took the Princeton Review course. I thought it was excellent. Lots of material, which they let us take home, unlike some other review companies. Then there's the Flowers and Silver MCAT book with sample tests on CD-ROM, also helpful. You should be able to pick one up online at amazon or barnes&noble

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