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get into med school w/ avg grades,etc

Guest Slacker2004

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Guest Slacker2004

Hello All,

I wanted to tell all those who are in despair!


I got in to Med school and here are my grades.

3.87, 3.67, 3.64, 3.66 (not a 4.0!)

MCAT: 8V, 11P, 11B, Q (only 30)


I did volunteering, hospital, and only did one summer of useless lab jobs (after second year).


I'm in province for Alberta...


Good news for all . b/c you don't need high grades and outstanding MCAT to be a med student...

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Guest Titanium2003

Congrats, Slacker2004!


Your MCAT is on par with those admitted to med schools and your GPA is hardly average. In fact, it is quite high so you probably have made it in somewhere with enough persistence.

Some of us are applying with truly mediocre grades and little else to distract an adcom :P .


Congrats again:D .

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