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Guest Rome1

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Guest Rome1

I have been curious about the application process for residency program. i was hoping members here would be able to help me out. How does one get into a residency program if their med school uses a strict pass/fail system? How are applicants differentiated for the competitive residencies? As an incoming first year, what should I be focusing on during my first two preclinical years?


Are they any good websites out there that will explain this application/selection process and also more information about each residency program in Canada.

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Guest ploughboy


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I'm not saying this to be a smart-alex: have you tried looking at the website for the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS)?








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CaRMS website.

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Guest Ian Wong

Even if you are a Pass/Fail school, there are usually all sorts of academic scholarships out there; having these on your CV is evidence of strong academics. Otherwise, the goal of the preclinical stuff is to get your study habits going, and to give you a strong base of knowledge (and more importantly, a good work ethic) for when you hit the clinical years and your performance is often critical for CaRMS success.


Most people find there's actually a lot of free time in Med 1 and 2, and so if you are able to study a little on a regular basis, you'll do fine. That's also time to try to do some additional clinical shadowing and whatever other sorts of clinical experiences you can get your hands on to help you start the often very stressful process of figuring out what specialties interest you.



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