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What makes Queens better...

Guest Platinum84

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Guest Platinum84

Hey everyone,


I know quite a bit about a few medical schools based on discussions with students but I don't know too much about Queens...


If you can add to the lists that I started below then that'd be great... thanks!


Reasons Why Queens is a great Med School:

1. Small class size

- gives more prof interaction, etc


2. Observerships

- great chance to get some early clinical exposure


3. Diversity of teaching methods

- don't know too much here other than they use different methods... can anyone expand?


4. Nice new CEC.



1. Small hospitals and limited hospital exposure (relative to Toronto or London)


2. Clerkship timing and setup (relative to Western - ie/ doesn't start until mid-third year, not first-call)



Feel free to add/expand/correct anything I said above. It'd be great to hear from Queens students about some of the above comments.


Thanks a lot!

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Guest shadowguitar

In reply to #1 in drawbacks:


Yes, smaller hospitals, but lots of hospital exposure, and probably more hands-on experience than in a larger centre.

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