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Use of animals in education

Guest bj

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Could any current Queen's students please let me know whether the curriculum includes the use of animals for education? Is it mandatory?


I honestly had no idea that some schools still used this method of teaching until I read about it on this bulletin board!





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Does doing Clinical Skills on each other count? =)


Nothing so far in first year - the closest we got to that was seeing old videos about the response to epinephrine/norepinephrine/etc in dogs for Phase I pharmacology, and doing similar experiments with provided segments of rabbit/guinea pig intestine in pharm lab (we didn't have to get them ourselves, it was all set up for us). In Clinical Skills, our first suturing jobs are on pigs' feet from the local butcher shop. And in the library, sometimes you hear dogs barking, I'm told the animal care facility is somewhere in the basement... can't think of anything else. I'm not aware of anything with animals coming up in the rest of Phase II or clerkship either.


Hope this helps!

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