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U of T: 1 year humanities requirement

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hi all,


just a question about this U of T admission requirement:



All applicants will be required to have completed at least two

full-course equivalents in Life Sciences and at least one

full-course equivalent in Humanities, Social Sciences or

Languages. It is strongly recommended that the prerequisite

courses be completed prior to application.


Life Sciences: Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Botany, Clinical

Biochemistry, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics &

Molecular Biology, Nutritional Sciences, Pharmacology &

Toxicology, Physiology, Zoology

Social Sciences: Economics, Political Science, Sociology

Languages: Courses in a language other than the applicant’s

native language

Humanities: Classics, English, History



So I'm wondering, for one full-course equivalent... does it half to be a full-year of the same subject, i.e. full year sociology, or can it be a mix of two? i.e. half-year sociology, half-year english?



I'm just a bit worried because I only really have a 'full-year' consistent in MUSIC (2 semesters). Then I half like half-years of english, psychology, philosophy... (1 semester each).


So I'm not sure if music even counts, but if not, if mix-and-match is allowed hopefully half-year each of Psych + Philosoph would count.


Anyone have any ideas / input on this before I contact the admissions office?


Thanks everyone

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hmm thanks. I would also suspect 2 diff courses to make the year would be good...


but now I hope they aren't too picky and need it to be in the same category, i.e. both in humanities, or both in social sciences... hopefully 1 of each should work!


but it's really vague in the admissions description... wish it was more explicit.

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UofT's psychology courses are offered by the Life Sciences Department. So, they count that as Life Sciences. But the psychology courses offered by other schools tend to be offered by other departments - so they would count those as social sciences.

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As for music...be careful. I took music and religion for my 1 yr of humanities and had to take an extra course just because uoft didnt like the music course i took. From what I understood it cannot be a theory course, but i guess a course in music history would qualify. Anyway, you'll be fine since you took philosophy and English.

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