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::Used DAT prep materials package on sale in Vancouver/Lower Main land::


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I did not take any DAT prep courses. I simply bought and studied the following materials below. I wrote the Nov. 2007 DAT for the first time and scored above 20's on every section. Now, I would like to sell the materials in one package. You will notice that some materials are for MCAT or rare to find. But I believe those books gave me an edge of scoring mid 20's in science section. If you study hard using these materials for one summer, you will do fine on the DAT. If you are living in Vancouver/Lower Mainland and would like to purchase the package, please private message me and leave your contact info.


I spent around $300 total on these materials. So, I think selling the whole package for $100 is reasonable.


the package consists of:

Kaplan Blue prep book w/ CD (third edition)

Kaplan Lesson Book

Bunch of Kaplan practice exams on PAT, Science, Reading (pdf from friend)

IQ publication: How to Prepare for the Soap Carving Manual

IQ publication: DAT PAT form A, B, and C

IQ publication: Canadian DAT Survey of the Natural Sciences

IQ publication: Canadian DAT reading Comp book 1

DAT Secret Deluxe (in pdf)

Predental Lab Carving Design (in pdf)

A Comprehensive Study Guide for the Dental Admission Test from Scholarware

Williams&Wilkins's Complete preparation for the DAT

Schaum's Biology outlines (second edition)

Barron's DAT prep book

CDA's sample prep book

CDA's official carving knife handle

CDA's official carving blades (quantity: 15)

1001 questions in MCAT for Chemistry practice book

Princeton MCAT Science Review

Campbell&Reece Biology textbook (sixth edition)

DAT Destroyer by http://www.orgoman.com/datdestroyer.html

Bunch of PAT practice exams made by a friend



Thank you.

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