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The "easy" way to become an IP applicant?

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Looking over HERE at UBC's considerations for a BC resident (i.e. in-province applicant), one of the criteria listed is that "Within the last five years [one] has attended a university in BC for at least two years".


Now, I suppose technically you could draw that out to mean 24 actual months spent at a BC university, but otherwise, does that criterion mean one could:


1. Go to a BC university for years 1 and 2 of undergrad

2. Transfer to a university in another province

3. Apply to UBC Meds and be counted as an IP applicant in year 3?

4. Apply to UBC Meds and be counted as an IP applicant in year 4?

5. Graduate with a non-BC university degree and be counted as an IP applicant in year 5?


#'s 4 and 5 may not be relevant if one was accepted after applying in year 3, but it seems like someone could quite easily go to a BC school to start with, cash in on in-province status after 2 years, and if they wanted better contacts, a more 'prestigious' degree, improved job opportunities, extraccurriculars etc. (not saying these aren't available in BC, just that *someone* might consider them more worthwhile to attain elsewhere) they could transfer and lose nothing, except money and time to move/do paperwork.


Is it likely that the UBC adcom would pick up on a person's grab at in-province status, even if a CV was filled with strong out of province experiences?


Does this seem like a lame or unfair way to get ahead to you? In terms of progression, if one were rejected for 2+ years in Canada, then would having a UFT or McGill degree at least seem more beneficial for applying to American schools?



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