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McGill Medicine class sizes


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I've heard that dentistry students are also in the first year classes for med students, is this true?


Are all the classes large or are there also small tutorials and learning opportunities?


Yes the dentistry students are in the med class for the first year and a 1/2 and so in total we are 202 when we are in lecture. There are other formats. We are in groups of 4 for anatomy dissection, groups of 6-8 for histology lab (which is cool cause the microscopes are hooked up to computers so everyone can watch and point at stuff together). We have tutorials in groups of 14 (which may go down next year). We also meet with an assigned mentor once a month (called an Osler fellow) in groups of 6. Dent students are with us for all those activities except the Osler fellows. They have their own version of that program with dentistry mentors.


In case you are worried about doing a 1/2 dentistry 1/2 med program, it is not like that at all. It is more like the dental students are forced to do medicine (except for the 4 lectures and 1 lab we covered the histology of teeth :D )

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