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What are my chances?

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You would have to try very hard not to get an interview. Like putting down "hate crimes" as an EC pastime or something. Once you get to the interview, though, U of O is a bit finicky - it's 100% your final score, using GPA as a tiebreaker. However, the interviewers do see your sketch before the interview, so they will definitely have an idea of what a strong applicant you are before you step in the door. Even more than most schools though, your interview performance really determines whether you get in or not. Don't stress about it too much, and you only really have "work" to do if you need to develop your interview skills (e.g. you suffer from paralyzing fear leading to drawing a blank when asked simple questions). Given your background, it doesn't sound like you're that type of person, so you probably don't have anything to worry about.

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To all those Ottawa Meds Admissions Experts:


What are my chances:


Underserviced Student (Northern Ontario applicant)

WGPA: 3.81

Well Rounded, Excellent Sketch


I'm worried about my WGPA. Any thoughts?



I would call ottawa U and see if your county falls into the underserviced are if so then the wgpa cutoff for them was 3.6 year it might increase next year i don't know. But if your area is underserviced then you will pass the gpa requirement then the interview invite just depends on your ABS. I only know this b/c I've bugged them so much lol!

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