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Once upon a time, people started to wonder...


Silly question, but other than the webmaster of this site, who [or what] is Ian Wong?


A question that man has been tormented with since the dawn of time. Alongside other greats such as "why are we here," "what will happen to me when I die," and "are there other life forms in our solar system?"


Hence, we have begun revealing the truth of Ian Wong.


ian wong is god


Ian Wong is like the wizard behind the curtain, but with better earning potential.


God calls Ian Wong God.


Women want him. Men want to be like him.


Ian Wong can kill two stones with one bird.


ian wong's a radiology resident i believe. i hear he analyzes images blindfolded --just because he can.


He doesn't bother with images and scanners anymore. He just glances at the patient and makes his diagnosis.


In fact, Ian Wong has done every specialization diploma. In 3 years.


It's a little known fact that Ian Wong is in fact Chuck Norris. When Chuck gets bored of kicking ass all day long, he does diagnostic radiology.


Ian Wong has done a specialty in proctology because he had run out of asses to kick.


Ian Wong does not cure disease, pathogens undergo apoptosis through fear.


The WHO has provided millions of dollars to the disease causing agents in the world help find a cure for Ian Wong.


Ian Wong created premed101. The end.


Great doctors like Ian Wong get IW after their names instead of MD.


Ian Wong doesn't apply to med schools, med schools ask for Ian Wong's admission acceptance.


Ian Wong doesn't ride the car, the car rides Ian Wong.


Ian Wong doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.


If at first you don't succeed, you're not Ian Wong.


The chief export of Ian Wong is awesomeness.


Ian Wong doesn't pay for the site. The host pays Ian Wong for having a site here.


Ian Wong is the only graduate with a cGPA of 4.0 and a first year GPA of 3.6. (The only reason he received a 3.6 was due to Chem 100, where he refused to acknowledge every element except for the element of Awesome in the periodic table)


Ian Wong's MCAT score was 48Z. Yes thats right 48Z. He made both markers cry on his writing portion. And one of his markers was a computer.


Ian Wong's Bio in brief:


Undergrad: UBC


GPA: 4.00


Area of Study: Biological Sciences


MCAT: 45




Former Tennis Champion of the world


WHO President


Former President of Canada


Novel Prize for Biomedical sciences


Publications about 35 journals in Nature and Science


Funded the country United States of America


One month after Ian Wong's admissions interview, the admissions committee received their notice of rejection. Ian Wong later proceeded to file a lawsuit against the Canadian Medical Association for fraudulent and defamatory use of his childhood nickname.


Ian Wong's brain produces enough energy to solve the US energy crisis.


Ian Wong got a full scholarship to every med school in North America.


Then he delivered himself [from his mother's womb].


And he was made Dean of the Universe before he'd finished cutting the umbilical cord.


Ian Wong has a large penis, for an Asian.



Mr Law . 2008 . "How Ian's Wang Changed My Life" . Nature 55(12):10-76


Ian Wong owns other porn websites too. (because owning porn sites is awesome)


Question, can Ian Wong create a virus so deadly that Ian Wong himself would die from it?

Obviously, the above was a stupid question because:


Ian Wong can do ANYTHING!!


Many have sought out the deity Ian Wong for his Awesome healing ability

Lord Ian Wong, please forgive me for the rudeness.


But please remove the disease from me.


I think that Ian Wong is more suited to finding the disease that you didn't know that you had.


Ian Wong polymerizes 3' to 5'.



Ian Wong doesn't drive a Mercedes, he drives The Magic School Bus -- which he uses to treat patients.


Ian Wong drives on the right side of the road (IN THE UK!!).


Ian Wong wrote and passed the MCCQE before he got the results of his MCAT back.


First iteration on CaRMs is actually defined as post-Ian Wong Iteration.


I heard that Ian Wong can divide by 0 AND counted to infinity...... twice.


I heard that Chuck Norris has only bowed to one man. Ian Wong.


:eek: The only way Ian Wong can die is if he and his evil alter ego... Mian Wong collide!!! At that point in time, however, the universe will cease to exist.


Ian Wong is a Ninja.


Ian Wong is a level 81 Paladin and can defeat the Lich King by himself!


More truth about the legend Ian Wong have yet to surface...

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this just got 10x as funny for me because I read it at first as "How Ian Wong changed my life. I didn't know it said Ian's Wang


Holy smoky... I just realise that too...:D :D


:D :D

I can't stand now... stomach ache... rolling on the floor now...



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