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Last minute help on Ottawa pre-reqs!

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I was silly and didn't notice that Ottawa requires us to fill out the courses we're using to satisfy the pre-req's. Does anyone know if they count summer courses? (I took organic chem 1 in the summer).


Also, for the courses that require labs - the labs were part of the course for me and didn't have a separate course code (courses with lab were 4 credits, courses with no lab = 3 credits). Should I just put "lab included"?


I have several courses that satisfy the requirements (took biochem, gen chem), so I'm not sure which to use...



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For the labs... Includ it if your character limit allows. Otherwise, Ottawa is ok with prereqs all the way to the upcoming winter term if you are registered in them... As such last summer should be fine.


Hope that helps


Absolutely, I used summer courses like this last year. And it doesn't matter which ones you use as along as you do match them up correct with their categories.

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