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Is it even worth it?

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Hey guys, I know this kind of stuff gets posted all the time but I'm wondering if it's even worth it for me to try to get into med either here, or at the U of A.


My cGPA is 3.51 and best 2 years is a 3.58....


I haven't written the MCAT yet, as I've just decided to switch career paths, but I do have a fair bit of research experience.


Anyway, assuming I do solid on the MCAT (what is considered solid these days anyway?) and have good letters and ECs, do I still have a chance, or is my GPA just too low to even bother. I'm in province btw.



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if your mcat is strong id def apply.

your entire file gets reviewed if you hit cut offs and grades are not just put into some formula to get the 50% weighting. They take a holistic view from what i know. So if there's a positive trend, your a mature applicant and perhaps your grades are older, etc etc --- these things would get taken into account with the full review.


for what its worth, my mcat was a 34 and im applying with a worse gpa than you and i still think i have an outside chance

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