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Need Advice Please Help

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Here are my Feb 2010 Dat scores:


RC = 20

BIO = 22

CHEM = 25



PAT = 23



Has anyone got accepted with these stats. My gpa is 3.2 and I have a masters. I don't know if these scores are good enough for U of Manitoba

Should I apply to other Canadian schools?

Which Canadian schools do not look at carving?


Should I consider applying to schools in the States?


Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

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You have a shot. Those are great DAT scores, but a 3.2 even with a masters? Aren't average GPAs in most grad programs like ~3.5? Quite honestly that is not a competitive GPA at Canadian schools. Cross your fingers that your DAT scores make up for that somewhat. You would have a real good shot in the states though, imo.

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Thanks for all the advice you two have given me.


During my first two years of undergrad my family was struggling financially and I had to work part time while attending university full time. By the third year things got better and I was able to focus on my studies full time. I manage to get a 4.0 during my last two years of undergrad. That was how I was able to go to Grad school. Ever since then I have always put school first but will always have a constant reminder that my gpa could hold me back from dental school


I hope it is not too late.

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It's never too late!

You should definitely apply to schools in ontario!


UT and UWO only look @ your best 2 years... and if you were able to pull off a 4.0 GPA in your last two years, you're on top! Those are some great DAT scores as well (not to mention that UT and UWO don't really care about carving), so as long as you do mediocre in your interviews, you should have no problem getting in buddy!!!


Good luck to you! (Although I don't think you even need any luck) haha


Congrats on your DAT scores as well as your superb GPA in those last 2 years! I'm sure you'll make a great dentist!

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