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What extracurriculars do you engage in?


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Hey everyone,


I'm curious to know what ECs you do!


(In case you're wondering) My ECs:

-Prez of a club 2 years, and advertising director for 3

-full-time research assistant 3 summers, and am currently making a minor contribution to a medical study

-student representative on department council and student council

-various science outreach initiatives (speak to elementary and secondary students about scientific topics and design lab-based workshops)

-hosp volunteer (various departments)

-cancer center volunteer

-psych ward volunteer (friendly visitor)

-MS society volunteer (spokesperson, walk coordinator, contribution to carnation campaign)

-have coached 2 sports teams (lacrosse, dragon boat)


-review committee for an elementary student heritage fair... and adjudicator


Also, I am looking for opportunities to use my communication and management skills... so if you have any suggestions, that would be great :) . Since my graduation in April, I feel deprived because I can't continue with the club president role, lol. If you have any questions about some of the activities I'm involved in... I'll be more than happy to give you my perspective!

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Those seem like really good ECs...you've managed to cover a range of topics...anyways if you want any recommendations...you can always look into job shadowing, fund-raising, starting a new club/organization or bringing an international charity onto a local level...its been done at my school (very impressive)...those are some suggestions i guess...also I would recommend focusing solely on 1 or 2 projects which u are really passionate about...that way u have some really good ideas for the interview.


Best of luck

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ughh you put my ECs to shame. I do research in 3 labs in both the summer and during the school year (plus my thesis...so I guess 4), volunteer in a psych hospital, do Best Buddies, and peer mentor first years, and I thought THAT was a lot! holy do you ever sleep?!


Some of my ECs are seasonal... so yes, I get lots of sleep, lol! I'm also not doing everything else all at once. I generally stay with a project long-term until a better opportunity presents itself to me, or until I feel like I've learned all I want to know from that activity.

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