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Hi everyone,


Its my first time posting. I am currently planning on taking the MCAT for the 2nd time at the end of August. I really need some advice/info...


For the Ontario med. schools, are they gonna look at both of my MCAT scores or just the most recent one? Is end of Aug too late to get my scores in to appy in the fall?


Also, what exactly is cut-off for the writing section, I thought it was Q, but from what i read in some of the other posts, it is R??


Thanx very much in advance!

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Ontario: All MCAT schools (except Queen's) look at most recent. Queen's looks at best score.


The cutoffs change every year. Queen's and Western employ GPA and MCAT cutoffs, Ottawa a GPA cutoff. At Queen's, the WS cutoff has fluctuated between Q and R for the last 3 years (2007 cycle - R, 2008 cycle - Q, 2009 cycle - R).

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