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Princeton Review 2008 version outdated?


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I was wondering if its important to research on some of the topics contained in the offical MCAT outline that was not covered by TPR.


In particular, while i was going over genetics, I did not see any comparative anatomy in TPR 08 version. Also, it seems that they made alot of changes to orgo in the 09 outline.


Few of the things I noticed:


1. E1 and E2 was not mentioned nor was alkene and alkyne reactions in the MCAT outline


2. They really emphasized compounds with oxygen (alchol ketone, keto acid and ester ect.) My 08 PR book did not cover alot of the stuff, for example: pinacol rearrangement in polyhydroxylalchol, protection of alchol.


3. paper chromatography was also not covered in the 08


If this is covered in the updated new version please let me know!



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