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Has any med student ever gotten a D+ in their undergrad?


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Well you can't do anything about that D+ now, can you? So I wouldn't worry about the D+ if you have a competitive gpa for that particular medschool. You can't be perfect at all times... we're humans, mistakes happen from everyone... I'm sure the adcoms wouldn't make a big deal out of it.

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my undergrad record is essentially all As with two Bs...not bad if you ask me, except I also have one D+ from Orgo I ( I got destroyed by a deferred exam)


Even if I land an interview, would the AdCom look down upon this steep dropoff?


Please advise


Although I'm not a med student (anymore), I seem to have gotten by with a bunch of C's and a couple of D's on my transcript. Stupid engineering school *sigh*


Your question is too general for a definite answer. It depends on the school. Some schools only look at some undergrad years, others will drop a certain number of your lowest courses. Some schools won't look at your GPA anymore after granting you an interview, others will take it into account when drawing up rank lists. This information is out there, both in these forums and on the websites of the various schools. I suggest you get very familiar with the admission criteria for Canadian schools and target your applications appropriately.

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