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March 9th interviews

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i had an interview on March 9th. there was a girl there who also had an interview. her last name was Kainth (or maybe spelled Khainth), and her first name started with an N.


i was just wondering if she was on this forum, or if anyone knew her or how i could get in touch with her?



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Lol, you better find her or you will forever regret missing out on this chance!

J/k, but chances are she is not on this forum (from my experience). I have like 6 med hopeful friends at school and none of them have even heard of Canadian premed, and even though I told them about it they don't have much interest.


Although I am also surprised how not very many of them know the med-school process very well. I had to inform 3 of them that they could actually apply next year at UOttawa, they thought they had to have their degree.

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