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RBC Med/Dental LOC Limits

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Hello Everyone,


CONGRATULATIONS to all of you that have been accepted to Medical or Dental school...the next 4yrs will be very exciting and will indeed go by fast!


I'm the Med and Dental Student Specialist here in Metro, located at the RBC branch on Spring Garden Road (close to Dalhousie). I'm also mobile which enables me to be able to meet with you outside of the RBC branch if you prefer.


Please find my contact information below if you would like meet to discuss our Professional Med/Dental Plan and any other banking need.


Our limits for both Med / Dental students are now at $200k!!!!


Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!


Marianne De Castro

RBC Med/Dental Student Specialist

5855 Spring Garden Road

902-421-4241 or via e-mail: marianne.decastro@rbc.com

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