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University of Alberta MMI Video 2011

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Hey everyone,


I see that the UofA has posted their MMI Video. The link is:



I've watched it a few times now and realized - IT'S FREAKIN' HILARIOUS! There's so many little jokes that I didn't notice at the interview because people were laughing or I was paying attention to another part. I was really impressed by both the interview weekend and the video that they put on; props to any of the med students reading this! It looks like they have a lot of fun there; UofA is definitely on the top of my list. I will have "come study at the UofA" stuck in my head for the next two days.




Med 2015 Hopeful...

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We really tried to make it clear what this Lebron thing was for people who don't follow sports whatsoever, but of course some people have just never turned on TSN in their life.


Production value for this vid is through the roof, props to the committee who put in countless hours to make this thing pretty

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