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Helping others who made it to the interview to get in next year!


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Hello Future Doc's,


Good to hear that lots of you have already been accepted! What a joyful feeling! Very happy for you all.


At the same time there are many some others who made it to the interview this year but got rejected thereafter. SAD! But remember that's not the end of life!

What it means to me is that they can become DR's because McGill has seen something in their App's and that's why they were called in for the interview at the first place!


Assuming that we all aim to help our fellow humanbeings especially the promising onces (remember the chain reaction in Bio-xyz!!), so why don't we come forward to help these individuals refine the skills to do well in the MIM. so that they get accepted in the upcoming year.


Let's get started by these good deeds among us!!!




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