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Part-time residency???

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I ran into a resident the other day who was doing a part time residency, I did not know that this was possible. Does anyone know more info about this? Are there only certain programs that allow you to do this?


There are handful of family med programs that have this. Of the top of my head I believe U of T is one of them. I am not sure of any others.

You have to have a good reason to apply to this route.


Other than family, I don`t think there is a part-time option for anything else.

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This might not be helpful, but we have a "part time" resident in our program (anaesthesia). She has taken extended maternity leaves x2 over her 5 years with us (particularly in these last 2+ years), such that she's a good year (and then some!) behind her original graduating cohort. She's not going to write Royal College with our cohort (the one behind her original cohort), and she will have to make up all the time that she has taken off for maternity leave in order to meet the Royal College requirements.


Our program normally allows a resident who takes maternity leave to slide on 3 months or so worth of absence if they are judged to be an "exceptional" resident, but this one is far from exceptional, so she will have to make up the full time that she has missed.

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