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Hey, so I've tried looking at all the websites for Med schools in Ontario and I just wasn't able to find the specific courses required for each med school.


Can someone help me by directing me to where I can find them?


I had one question in particular of if first year chemistry is a prerequisite along with second year orgo, or is only second year orgo a prerequisite?


I would highly appreciate if someone could tell me the courses I need :/, especially with summer school starting soon.


Thanks in advance!

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^ is good for Ontario med schools.


Additionally, try http://www.afmc.ca/pdf/2011AdBk.pdf for med schools across canada.


This was very helpful thank you!


Btw I had one more quick question it said "4 full years" for western and Northern and some other med schools. From what I knew I thought it was your best two years at western, and the 4 full years would only give you an advantage for UofT med school?

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Western only looks at your best 2 years for GPA assessment (you must meet their cutoff of 3.7 in each of those two years) but they require that you have 4 full years of study completed before starting their program......meaning that the earliest you could apply would be after 3rd year and get in on a conditional offer. And by 4 full years, they mean 4 full years worth of courses (120 credits of equivalent), not necessarily a full course load in each year, however the best two years must have 30 credits (full course load) to qualify.


Hope that help!

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