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Hello! New to these forums with a few questions.

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Hi everyone! I'm glad I found this website so as to not feel alone in this endeavor.


I have a few questions:

first, I have a very good GPA (~3.89 omsas) (UofT scarborough 4th year graduating this semester) and wanted to apply for Mac's medical school for this semester but I missed the deadline. I would be perfectly happy doing PA and thus to not waste another year I applied for the PA program. I have been invited to the interview but am quite nervous as I am just starting to practice and so far I need alot of work.


-does anyone have links on here for mmi practice and what are you guys doing to practice for May 14th?


2 other questions: Would it be permissible for me to begin the PA program and this october also apply for Macs med program? This way if i don't get in I can still do PA and i'd be happy with this. However, I feel that if i can get into the med program then i should pursue to my full potential.


Finally, I did well on the MCAT verbal also (11), but i left all other sections blank b/c i was only looking for MAC - eventhough they only look at this score the fact that I left the other sections blank should not be a problem, right?


I apologize for the hasty writing (in a bit of a rush) and don't mean to boast or anything by posting my scores - just want to see if I have a good shot at either program?


I look forward to exploring these forums and thanks in advance~!

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