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Edmonton Bank Contact Information

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Hi folks,


I was wondering if anyone had contact information for bank reps in Edmonton who deal with Professional Student banking. I can't find anything on the different banks websites, and I live in a rural area so the local reps aren't very familiar with these particular services. I was hoping to get in touch with people from RBC, CIBC, Scotia and BMO. If anyone has names/emails/phone numbers I would be very appreciative.




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For TD there is a guy on Groat Road


Advisor’s Name: Robert MacMullen

Advisor’s email address: Robert.MacMullen@td.com

Branch Address:

11210 GROAT RD



Phone: 780-448-8300


One of the specialists at the Whyte Ave BMO branch is Jessica (Not sure about the last name, think it's Jessica Koury. Can't find business card). Her number is 780-408-0709.


I think there are a few specialists for each bank but these are the people I dealt with.

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