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EK's Passage mapping strategy


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Hey folks. What is EK's passage strategy for the science sections? I know they don't advocate passage mapping their verbal sections because it breaks up the flow of the read and inhibits understanding. Do they suggest the same for the science passages? I have a few of their books but neither say their strategy for science sections.


Also for the verbal section EK says to NOT jump around looking for the easiest passage as it wastes time. Do they suggest the same for the science passages? Within the passages, do they suggest doing the questions in order or to go easiest first?



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There is not a passage mapping strategy per say. Here is the process they advocate for science passages:


1. Read the passage

2. Read quickly, you don't need to master the passage

3. Quickly check the charts, tables and graphs, making sure to attend to the axis labels and chart titles.

4. If there are conflicts in hypotheses, note them

5. Pay close attention to detail in the questions

6. Read the answer choices before doing any calculations

7. Fill in answers as you go (do not skip around and leave things blank)

8. If time is an issue, skip the tough ones (special note with this point - you should practice until this is not an issue.)

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