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Mcat (unopened Set Of All Books) For Sale

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I am selling the Prienceton Review books that they use for hyperlerning classroom course. By now most of us know that nothing MAJOR changes from one edition to the other, so they are equally applicable for the upcoming years. These are considered 'must' if you want to prepare and do well on the MCAT official exam. They provide a concise summary of MCAT topics. I am asking 225$ for the whole set (negotiable). The books are brand new.


Truly speaking, you don't need to attend the course, if you are motivated and deciplined. Not to mention, the books are very easy read.


The package includes everything that the Princeton Review uses: MCAT In Class Compendium, MCAT General Chem, MCAT Student Guide, MCAT Science Review Questions and Solutions, Hyperlearning Science Workbook, MCAT Biology Review, MCAT Organic Chem Review, MCAT Physics ReviewHyperlearning Verbal Workbook, and MCAT Verbal Reasoning and Writing Review.


PM if interested. I live in Montreal. Can delivers the books to your home, if needed (they are quite heavy :) )




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