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Full metastatic workup

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Hi all:


What does a "full metastatic workup" consist of?






I see these ordered in the hospital on occasion and are primarily used to look for mets in the the 'usual suspect' organs. Brain (CT/MR), pulmonary (CXR), bone (bone scan) I believe but don't think that's exhaustive. Input from someone on the prescribing end would be welcomed here as I only speak from the nursing POV. Absolutely pumped to learn about the full extent of these workups when I change sides in Sept tho :)

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A full met workup means looking for mets everywhere instead of just looking for what the symptoms and signs says.


What tests are done depends on what the primary tumor is.


Usually consists of: head CT, CXR or thorax CT, abdo CT, bone scan

a PET scan might also be done depending of availability.

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