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OK, so I am looking for 16-24hrs per week employment over the school year.

I have flexible hours, since my schoolwork is through correspondence.


I can't start until Sept 26th.


I have enough $ saved that I don't NEED to work until December-ish.


I have lots of work experience, chief among them having run my own business in auto repair (surprise!) doing all the office/filing/bookeeping stuff, managing sports retail and personal training.


HELP! Any suggestions?


Option 1 is awesome and now that I have my heart set on it I want nothing else- it's the only job I've applied for.


Option 1:

I applied for a hospital job- health records clerk, admission and discharge. Perfect in every way, except that I can't start until late September. I applied a week ago (well, 2 weeks but the guy was on vacation) and I have not been contacted. I have all the qualifications, but noticed I made a small typo on my cover letter (gah!). I guess I shouldn't freak out since it's only been a week. I have gone in person (that was when I was told that the guy was away) and emailed to ensure they received my resume.


Option 2:

Part-full time reception at a dentist's office in town.


Option 3:

A job very similar to option 1, except in a village of <300 people, ~180km away from my city. I have accomodation here for $350/month. I have no accomodation there. There are fewer recreation opportunities. It is a "casual on call" position of up to 37hrs per week (way too many hours if I am doing coursework) and so technically there's no guarantee of hours. Being the 1st line worker in the nurse's station in a town like that just seems like the most awesome job ever.


Option 4:

Reception in a little gym in town. Evenings (which is perfect, since I like to do schoolwork/training in the mornings) and on the bus route. Con: nothing remotely interesting, and nothing I haven't done before.


Option 5:

Screw a healthcare job right now, I need to eat and live. Get a job as a barista/waitress/sales clerk. At least I get to interact with people.

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My best advice (my only suggestion at this time) is to forget Option 3 and to stay where you are, let the chips fall where they may. We are all used to living with uncertainty and you will survive. You are best off to remain in your current surroundings and by being actively engaged you will find something before the debt collector ever knocks at your door. :P You are a brave and courageous woman of character deserving of every success and you will one day write about this period of your like in your best selling book! :)

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I don't know where you live... but where I live, hospital jobs tend to be very competitive and a lot of the time, they take in ppl internally. So my suggestion is that don't rely on it and apply to more jobs like that one to improve your chances because it seems those are the kind of jobs you want... Option 5 should be your last resort i.e. if you dont get in anywhere as its not at all hard to get one of those

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Personally I think option 1 should be #1, but maybe look at others while you're waiting. I'd say no to option 3 since you don't have accomodation there (and $350 isn't bad at all!) and since it's not guaranteed work at all. Then if it were me, I'd have option 5, then 2, then 4. Mostly because waitressing/sales can get you some good money, and if it's something you haven't done before, why not? To me, the dentist/gym receptionist thing is essentially the same, but since you said you've done something like gym receptioning before... Again, go with different.


But then again, it all depends on what you want and can be happy going to work doing everyday (or whenever you're supposed to go in! :P)


Good luck job hunting!:)

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Advice I've always given my wife/friends/randoms:

If needed just grab the first job you can get. Nothing will stop you from still searching for the job you want while you are working another for the paycheck.

Since you are financially stable currently, I just say don't rush things and do what you want to do more :)

It is (in most areas) hard to get decent health care jobs but possible. I'm proof :D

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