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Life at crossroads...need some serious help!!!

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Hi everyone,


Long time lurker, first time poster. Currently Im quite unsure with which direction in life I want to go and I could really use some advice. Here is my situation:


I just finished my undergrad at UofT, and Im planning on apllying to med this cycle. My final 2 year GPA is about 3.88 (OMSAS scale) and overall cGPA about 3.67 (mostly because of 1st yr). I consider my ECs to be below avg. I had 2 research experience, some clubs here and there. Played intramurals and did some campus taekwondo. And I recently signed up for 2 volunteer positions, one at a hospital and another at a charity, so I have something to do during the application cycle. But given my stats, I dont feel very confident that I will get in this time around...


Should I take some prereqs (plus do more ECs) and apply to U.S schools next year? Would a masters degree help my situation? Or should I just work a year, gain some work experience and try again? Which one of these do you think will increase my chances the most?


I have always wanted to go to med school, I know this is what I want to do. So any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks a lot everyone. :)

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1) Flow chart above in the FAQ section will help

2) You can apply and see what happens this year. You need to write your MCAT as well if you haven't.

3) Many people have "average" ECs from inspection...after speaking to individuals who read quite a few of these, it's good to have something noteworthy to mention. I'm sure you can find a way to "spin" something that you did that you feel was insignificant into something more towards your advantage.

4) In the meantime, you can work on pre-reqs and some ECs...masters would help for U of T. Any other school, the difference in point score is around 1-5% for having a masters. However, you can accumulate better research experience during a masters (if that's what you would like to do) and it can become something noteworthy as well.

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Thanks for the reply.


Anyone know which school I may have a better chance with, given my stats? Also, wat about U.S schools? Do I have a better chance there? If not, then there may be no point to take the pre-reqs. These days ppl been telling me to apply to U.S schools. How much easier are they exactly?

I always thought since they only accept a few Canadians per school, it would be harder.

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The single most important question: what's your actual MCAT score?????


The MCAT will determine if you will be eligible for schools that look at 2 years (namely Queens, UWO, Dal), which are your best shots.


Remember MCAT is more important than EC. Don't think too much about the US because 1) it's expensive and 2) MCAT plays a big role for US.


If you would like to assess your chances check out the UWO and Queens forums.

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