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EM overhead?


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ppl here seem to be quite interested in EM these days, so let me add my own Q s :D


1) what's the overhead (in % of income) for EM vs GIM in two separate settings:

1- a tertiary teaching hospital (like Toronto Western)

2- a rural hospital (like a 5000 population town 100 km north of Toronto

I heard that EM overhead is 0%, correct me if it's BS...


2) for an EM 2+1, if I DON'T care about location at all (Northern Labrador? Yukon? rural Quebec? no problem!!!) can I secure a place doing 100% ER? (by 100%, I mean more than 35h per wk)


3) for the hours... is it true that an EM works 35h\wk vs 50-55h for GIM? does it ever exist a GIM working less that 40-45h while earning decent salary?

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