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A second bachelor's?


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Hi all, I posted a similar thread to this in the non-trad forum but didn't get many replies so I'll try my luck here.




I have a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from a Canadian university.


I graduated with a cGPA of 3.3.


I am also half-way through Master's with a 3.9 GPA in my grad courses.


I have no EC's or volunteering experience.





1. Should I do a second undergrad degree to increase my GPA and improve my EC's/volunteering and at the same time get some medical research done OR should I just try to ace my pre-req's and try to do a little EC/Volunteering on the side?


2. I took physics in my prev. undergrad and didn't do well. What implications would retaking this course (to improve my mark) have?

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Hi brickwall,


You have a lot of work to do!


It sounds like you might be a good candidate for a second degree. Have you checked out Simpy's excellent thread about second degrees? It will help you a lot.


You need to build a second degree program very carefully in order to be eligible for certain schools. If you have ideas as to which programs you are considering, and where you are a resident, that would help. :)

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