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Hey Guys,


I'm not sure how to calculate my GPA exactly, I think DegGPA is cumulative GPA, and SciGPA is all the GPA of all pre-req courses averaged together.


DegGPA: 3.861

SciGPA: 3.9


EC: Respite worker (5 years), entrepeneur of swim school (4 years), Created a fitness program that got signed (this year), research at Robarts Research Institute for 2 years and made some findings in neurology, certified in animal surgury, usual scholarships and research awards, and other fun interesting stuff about me include skydiving, rockclimbing, fitness model, body building, lifeguard, lifesaving instructor, team captain and champions of minor university (volleyball) intramural tournaments.


LOR: Chair of Biochemistry, PI from Molecular Brain Research Group of RRI, Director of YMCA


Autobiography abstract: Bad Ass


My biggest fear is my GPA isn't high enough to be competitive, and I didn't get a chance to write the MCAT. Think i should apply? Becuase I"ve been reading last year's cut off was a 3.9 (assuming DegGPA)

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