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IP vs OOP cutoff

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Does anyone know the IP and OOP cutoffs for GPA?

I viewed the statistics on their website, but it doesn't seem like they have separate sections for GPA for IP and OOP.




The average GPA for IP applicants accepted on decision day last year was 3.90. I'm not sure what it was for OOP, but probably around 3.97?

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Some data from last year for the OOP category (this is for people who were interviewed only)


Max scores

cGPA: 4.00

Personal activities score: 13.00

MCAT score: 13.67

Writing sample: T


Average Score

cGPA: 3.97

Personal Activities: 8.94

MCAT Score: 11.57

Writing Sample: R


For reference, my scores (I was not invited for interview)

cGPA: 3.94

Personal activities: 5.75

MCAT Score: 11.33

Writing Sample: R

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Average of accepted gpa IP/OP combined: 3.87' date=' for 2nd and 3rd years : 3.97[/quote']


Since the GPA of IP/OP combined is 3.87 for accepted students and that the GPA of OOP students is very high, it must mean that the GPA of IP students who are accepted is quite below 3.87, perhaps around low 3.80's.


Anybody agree?


We need to consider that at least 85% of the class is IP so I guess the GPA for IP students cannot be too far away from 3.87, but just my 2 cents

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