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UT Med Admissions on the Radio

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Hey everyone,


Thought you might be interested to hear that there will be a 1-hr radio special about UT med admissions airing tomorrow (Saturday Jan 14) morning at 9am on CIUT 89.5 FM as part of The Ultrasound, the UT med class radio show. The special will include an interview with Deborah Coombs and a panel of students discussing their admissions experiences. You can also download the podcast later this weekend from theultrasound.torontomeds.com


Cheers and best of luck,



(Prospective med students may also be interested in last week's show with Dr. Philip Hebert, author of Doing Right. This podcast can also be downloaded from theultrasound.torontomeds.com)

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Anyone know anything about the prospects of undergrads with 3.85-3.9 (weighted)?


You will likely be around or slightly below average for the 60% academic component, assuming you don't have spectacular pubs/research, and so the rest will be left up to the 40% non-academic component.


Deborah said that many 4.0s get rejected because they are lacking in the non-academic component.

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Thanks for this link!


Some GPA stats Deborah mentioned which I haven't seen before:


2011 Entering class:


Grad GPA average 3.78

UG GPA average 3.94


I'm honestly not surprised by this...its UofT. They have a reputations for weighting academics heavily (that is not a bad thing IMO). If you look at their average matriculant GPA, it always hovers around 3.90. And this is dragged down by grads with lower GPAs. Frankly, I have only met 1-2 UG students who got an interview with <3.90 GPAs (and these were spectacular candidates).


IMO, the major battle is maintaining such a high GPA while trying to juggle non-academics commitments.

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