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There are a few UWindsor students on here.


Education- Biology is fair, biochem is significantly harder due to lab demands. Like any place do your research on what professors to avoid and which ones to take classes with. Not too competitive of an environment, mix of slackers, keeners, randoms and the usual suspects. Mix of great profs, bad profs and profs just there for their research. If you go there ask around for each one's reputation.


Residences-no clue, but most people who go there are from the area and commute. But the university, and the city, is very multi-cultural which I know for many students is a major bonus.


Courses- Certainly not as many as many medical based electives as universities like Mac, UWO (WU), or UofT. Smaller university and class sizes particularly in 4th year. First two years have significant course overlap between biology/ biochem/ chem.


Examinations- mixed reviews but the biology department is certainly a fan of multiple choice and memory based (for the courses this person takes, but thats pretty standard.)


Classes- Usual, all pre-reqs you'll need for school and prepare you for the MCAT. Bio special topics classes are mostly ecology geared, but biochem has some that are more medical research based. Certainly not the range you get from larger schools.


I hope this helps, and gives you a some idea about the university. Some people, particularly on the Western Acceptance thread have Windsor listed as their place of undergrad, I'm sure if you PM them they would be happy to help :)

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