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Advice needed on neurology elective locations!

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I was wondering if anyone who has completed electives in neurology somewhere in Canada might be able to comment on their experiences?


I am personally considering neurology as a possible career choice but I am not sure yet. I am planning to do my first few electives in all of my favourite areas and then making my career decision and scheduling the rest of my electives accordingly. That means that in order to make the most educated career choice possible, I would really like to do my (first and maybe only) neurology elective in a place that will expose me to the breadth of neurology well (i.e. I would rather not be spending 90% of my time in stroke, would prefer to get experience in clinic, wards, consults, etc.).


From your experience, considering what I mainly hope to get out of this elective, can you think of any locations (and preceptors) that would be ideal for exposing me to the realistic breadth of what neurology encompasses? Any locations that you think may not be as good for this?


Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!


(Also, as an aside, apart from the new CFMS Electives database, does anyone know of any other resources or databases or websites on which are compiled evaluations or comparisons of different electives in various fields? Thanks!)


witty.user.name :)

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