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Getting away with bad summer school grades


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Last summer, my friend and I took a course at York. I ended up dropping a course, while my friend from UofT stayed in the course and ended up with a bad grade (C+). He told me that he didn't have to worry because he wasn't going to send UofT his final grade and it would seam as if he never took it.


Is this possible? Can he really get away with a bad grade in the summer? Thank-you.

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By the way I'm curious to know how someone from U of T got a C+ in a course at York lol.

It was orgo and he said him self it was tough.


Was your friend baked when he was telling you all this?

lol, I doubt it but you never know....


Well thank-you for clarifying this everyone, he won't be too happy to hear this :(

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