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Karolinska clinical experience?

Guest Kirsteen

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Guest Kirsteen

Hej from (almost) Sweden!


Being a bit of a fan of hanging elsewhere for New Year's, I decided to leg it off to Stockholm and Jukkasjarvi for a bunch of days to celebrate the incoming year. At the moment it's almost 5am Toronto time, but it's a bright and sparkly 10am here at London, Heathrow.


On a Stockholm note, I'm wondering if any of you out there have pursued any clinical electives at the Karolinska Institute? KI is a world-class medical institution, apparently (this is the organization that selects the Nobel Laureates in Medicine). I know that UofT and McMaster have established formal elective programs with KI and it's something that I'd definitely consider pursuing were I to become a UofT medical student, but I'd love to hear any accounts from folks who have already had a KI experience. :)




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