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UofT PA Admission Requirements

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I'm asking in here because there's no activity in the PA forum.

2. Applicants are required to have experience as a Health Care Professional in good standing with minimum 1680 hours (1 year full-time) of direct patient contact in a professional setting (i.e. direct involvement in treatment and/or care planning and delivery for patients in hospitals, medical office/clinic, nursing home, care home or other care facilities).


Clinical Experience that cannot be attributed to the 1680 hours of professional experience includes; volunteer or observership hours, clerical positions in healthcare and positions such as medical laboratory technician etc.



What sort of jobs would this include then? A porter? A CNA?



2. All applicants are preferred to have completed one FULL course (post-secondary level) or equivalent in each of:


Human Anatomy




Does one "full course" mean 2 semesters?

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It says it requires direct involvement in treatment and care planning; a porter does no such thing.


I'm guessing this limits it to nurses, PT/OTs and speech language pathologists.


This is what confuses me, so only people who have already gone to school and are working health care professionals making good money, can do UofT's PA program? Nurses will just do the NP program - so who the hell does that leave?


Also it can't be volunteer work!


Oy vey...

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