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Biology or Anatomy and Cell Biology?

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I like the courses in both biology and anatomy & cell biology for different reasons. I honestly can't decide. Anyone have some insight they could possible share?


Thanks in advance!


Your question makes no sense.

What are you asking?

WHich institution do you go to?

Are you taking about programs?

Are you in high school deciding between a program?

Are you looking for courseS?


And another dozen questions come in my head when I read your post.

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Aah sorry, I guess it was too vague.

I've completed my first year at McGill university and I'm within the biomedical sciences program. Right now I'm a biology major but they also offer a major called anatomy and cell biology and I'm tempted to switch majors.

The reason why I'm stuck is because both courses are quite flexible and allow me to take courses on neurobiology/neuroscience (which is what I want to study at grad).

I was hoping that someone could share some insight into the 1) the difficulty 2) usefulness (and how well it prepares you for grad) and 3) how interesting either major is.

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More diversity and generalism in biology, big huge department.

Less diversity in courses in Anat&Cell Bio, small department.

Both offer flexibility to take courses in other areas (do they still do Honours vs Major vs Faculty program?).


FWIW, I started in Major in Anatomy for U1 and moved to Faculty program in Bio for U2. Never regretted it...felt like I got a more rounded education (was able to take Arts courses and varied Bio courses--more exposure to more things, which to me is the point of an undergraduate degree).

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LostLamb, would you say that one major is more difficult than the other?


No, neither one is harder than the other, it just depends on where your interests lie. I am more of a generalist at heart, and being in bio let me explore multiple interests. I was very bored very fast when we were learning the minutiae of Golgi bodies in one of the intro anat courses.


I don't think there is any point in double majoring in bio and anat...there's a lot of overlap and not sure if it is even an option due to that. I think most people take anatomy so they can do the gross anatomy lab...which oddly enough, i never ended up taking!

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I should also add that several people I knew started in anat and switched out to bio...same goes for people who started in biochem and in physiology...some of the core courses are brutal and people just didn't enjoy the subjects enough to continue with such specialization. On the other hand, I also know many people who completed programs in all of those majors and did very well--all depends on the individual! I recommend talking to people in all those programs (just look up the various council members of BUGS, MBSU, etc. and ask them why they're in that program vs. other life sciences ones. I was there quite a while ago now, so my info may be a little outdated, but the general themes I'm sure are still the same.

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