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Question about applying to US schools

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I'm retaking the DAT this November - does this mean that I can only submit my application for the 2012-2013 cycle when the new score is sent to the schools, or can I submit the application and update my score later? (I took the DAT last Nov and the results were pretty mediocre except for reading comp).

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What are your old scores? Applying late can often be a death sentence especially because your scores won't be released until December; by that time the first round of acceptances will already be out.


I suggest you submit now, asap, pronto, with your old scores. If you make clear on your application that you are retaking the DAT, schools that otherwise wouldn't have given you an interview for that SOLE reason (your DAT scores) may table you for further review. Schools that reject you presumably would've rejected you anyways. At least this way you have a chance; with any luck you'll already have had a few interviews by the time your new DAT scores come out, and perhaps those will open a few more doors for you.


Do NOT wait to submit.


Good luck.

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Bio: 18


RC: 26

AA: 21

PAT: 21

Manual Dexterity: 11 (Lol my fault for not seriously preparing WELL in advance...)


Mostly concerned with the low bio and carving scores.


It's good enough! Submit asap. Carving is irrelevant for US schools. If you wait till retaking in Nov, I can almost guarantee you you'd stand no chance at US schools for the sole reason of being too, too late.

I submitted last Sept. Sept seems to be the latest possible month to submit that still gives you a decent shot. Anything later than Sept = slim shot. I was told so by many schools during my interviews that Oct and later would already be too late.

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