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Should I attempt an application?

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2.6, 3.6, 3.88 (4.5 credits, 5 credits, 5.5 credits)

I am going into my fourth year and am writing my MCAT at the end of the summer. I am IP in Alberta. I just started studying for the MCAT and I did the AAMC 10 as a diagnostic and got 8/7/11vr. I'm hoping that I can improve the ps and bs to least a 9/10. I have done other VR sections and I constantly score between 10-12. However, since I won't be getting the score back till the end of September, I feel like I should know if I am applying by the beginning of September. I was considering applying to Calgary for practice. Is it a good idea or is it a complete waste of money? I'm open to any feedback


ECs: volunteer movie and book reviewer for 3 years, 2 summers teaching swimming, one summer pharmacist assistant, honours thesis, short term volunteering for multiple consecutive years for a charity, 2 summers retail, judge for a high school debate tournament (short term), english editor, short term volunteering at a hospital gift shop, . ( at time of application will have began (starting sept1) a second thesis, (potentially starting in july if not, then will start in september) recreational therapy volunteering and participating in a health promotion group (starting in september).


You should try! Being in fourth year they will take out your lowest GPA year that being 2.6. 11 VR would definetly be competitive. But calgary mostly cares about 6 qualities, thats subjective could be anyone's guess.

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