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For Sale: MCAT Books to Follow S2N's Schedule


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Hi All,


I have all the books you need to follow S2N's study schedule on student doctor network, for sale in Vancouver. NONE OF THE BOOKS HAVE MARKINGS - all in great shape! I can ship to you, but shipping is extra.


Berkley Review Books - General Chemisty 1 & 2, Organic Chem 1 & 2, Biology 1 & 2, and Physics 1 & 2 - NO MARKINGS. AND 1001 Questions in MCAT physics, chem, organic chem. $350


TPR Complete Set, including - Chem review, Orgo Review, Biology Review, VR & Writing Review, Physics & Math Review, Hyper Learning Verbal Workbook, Hyperlearning Science Workbook, In-class Compendium. $200


Exam Crackers Biology. Brand new. $20.


Please EMAIL me if interested, as I don't check this very often. My email is nihaokathleen@gmail.com



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