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When did you receive your interview invite?

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Hi everyone,


Sorry for posting this, but I've been looking through a few pages and can't seem to pin point the answer.


Anyway, I was wondering when you all received your invites for Mac interviews (not the date of the interview, but when you found out you got an interview)?


I'm asking because I think that I'll only be applying to Mac this year - don't have my pre-reqs for schools like UofT and I just don't think my MCAT scores in BS/PS will be good enough for Queens/Western this year, however my VR scores, with little practice, have been 10-11 pretty consistently. I'm hoping with some intense practice, I can bump it up to a 12+. My cGPA is around 3.65 :( so I really want to nail the VR to increase my chances, esp with the new higher weighting for GPA.


But I digress...the reason for my question is because my husband and I are thinking of having another child, and I decided that if I DON'T get an interview this cycle, we'll try but if I DO get one, I'll postpone till I find out if I get in or not (PS I'm almost 28, so my biological clock is ticking and with a 4.5 year old son, I'd like my kids to be close-ish in age).


So...when approx did you find out? What was the earliest/latest dates you heard from others about finding out yes or no?

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