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Advice for Canadian student matriculating at Ross applying to Ontario medical schools


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I am in an uncomfortable situation and I would appreciate any advice. I am starting my medical education at a Caribbean school called Ross University this year. Simultaneously, I am thinking of applying to Ontario schools. I think I have strong stats and ECs. I was interviewed at UofT but didn’t make it.


I would like to know if this is a good idea. There is a lingering rumor that being enrolled in another medical school will hurt ones’ application. I would like to know the best way to handle this without hurting my chances if true. Any advice, especially from those in a similar position, would be appreciated.



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And no, as far as I am aware of, by going to ROSS university for medicine won't hurt you at all in Canadian medical schools.


If you got to interview at U of T and didnt make it, try and improve your application, or do Master and try again? International Medical degree is not the best option if you plan on returning to Canada (just my two cents). If you intend on returning, READ THE international medical school FAQ.

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